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7 RIPE Extensions

RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens) has defined a number of options that can be used against a RIPE-compatible whois server (, and others). Unfortunately, there is really no way of telling whether a host we are connecting to is RIPE-compatible or not. RIPE extensions are therefore not directly incorporated into the jwhois client. A list of the options can be found in RIPE Document 157 which you can get from the RIPE ftp server,

It is possible to use these options together with jwhois by changing the format of the query slightly. If you were to search for all entries in the RIPE database which lists the admin-c, tech-c or zone-c as CO19-RIPE, you could use the following command syntax:

     $ jwhois -h -- -i admin-c,tech-c,zone-c CO19-RIPE

`--' is used to separate the RIPE options from the jwhois options.