Downloading Source

Releases are available by source branch checkout and ftp tarball. For example, to download the 2.24 release, checkout the libc branch release/2.24/master, and similarly for all required add-ons including ports. After the 2.16 release the contributed ports add-ons have been folded into the main git repo and no longer need to be checked out separately. After the 2.19 release the ports add-on no longer exists as the code has been merged completely into the main project.


git clone git://
cd glibc
git checkout --track -b local_glibc-2.24 origin/release/2.24/master

To list the current set of branches use:

git branch -a

Releases and pre-releases are available via anonymous ftp at and its mirrors.

Git Repository

You can access the development source tree using git.

git clone git:// [gitweb]

To additionally fetch the contributed ports add-on (for 2.16 and older release branches, see also README.ports-moved-to-libc):

git clone git:// [gitweb]

If you have any questions about the contributed ports add-on please send email to libc-alpha.