libcdio  1.1.0rc1
Data Fields
cdio_dvd_layer Struct Reference

#include <dvd.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int book_version: 4
unsigned int book_type: 4
unsigned int min_rate: 4
unsigned int disc_size: 4
unsigned int layer_type: 4
unsigned int track_path: 1
unsigned int nlayers: 2
unsigned int track_density: 4
unsigned int linear_density: 4
unsigned int bca: 1
uint32_t start_sector
uint32_t end_sector
uint32_t end_sector_l0

Field Documentation

unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::bca
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::book_type
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::book_version
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::disc_size
uint32_t cdio_dvd_layer::end_sector
uint32_t cdio_dvd_layer::end_sector_l0
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::layer_type
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::linear_density
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::min_rate
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::nlayers
uint32_t cdio_dvd_layer::start_sector
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::track_density
unsigned int cdio_dvd_layer::track_path

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