libcdio  0.90
Data Fields
cdio_mmc_request_sense Struct Reference

#include <mmc.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t error_code: 7
uint8_t valid: 1
uint8_t segment_number
uint8_t sense_key: 4
uint8_t reserved1: 1
uint8_t ili: 1
uint8_t eom: 1
uint8_t filemark: 1
uint8_t information [4]
uint8_t additional_sense_len
uint8_t command_info [4]
uint8_t asc
uint8_t ascq
uint8_t fruc
uint8_t sks [3]
uint8_t asb [46]

Detailed Description

Structure of a SCSI/MMC sense reply.

This has been adapted from GNU/Linux request_sense of <linux/cdrom.h> include this for direct MMC access. See SCSI Primary Commands-2 (SPC-3) table 26 page 38.

Field Documentation

Additional sense length (n-7)

Additional sense bytes

Additional sense code

Additional sense code qualifier

Command-specific information

end of medium. manditory in sequential access and printer devices

manditory in sequential access devices

Field replaceable unit code

incorrect length indicator

Sense-key specific

valid bit is 1 if info is valid

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