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iso9660_stat_s Struct Reference

Unix stat-like version of iso9660_dir. More...

#include <iso9660.h>

Public Types

enum  { _STAT_FILE = 1, _STAT_DIR = 2 }

Data Fields

iso_rock_statbuf_t rr
struct tm tm
lsn_t lsn
uint32_t size
uint32_t secsize
iso9660_xa_t xa
enum iso9660_stat_s:: { ... }  type
bool b_xa
char filename [EMPTY_ARRAY_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Unix stat-like version of iso9660_dir.

The iso9660_stat structure is not part of the ISO-9660 specification. We use it for our to communicate information in a C-library friendly way, e.g struct tm time structures and a C-style filename string.

See also

Member Enumeration Documentation

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Field Documentation

bool iso9660_stat_s::b_xa
char iso9660_stat_s::filename[EMPTY_ARRAY_SIZE]


lsn_t iso9660_stat_s::lsn

start logical sector number

iso_rock_statbuf_t iso9660_stat_s::rr

Rock Ridge-specific fields

uint32_t iso9660_stat_s::secsize

number of sectors allocated

uint32_t iso9660_stat_s::size

total size in bytes

struct tm iso9660_stat_s::tm

time on entry - FIXME merge with one of entries above, like ctime?

enum { ... } iso9660_stat_s::type
iso9660_xa_t iso9660_stat_s::xa

XA attributes

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