libcdio  1.1.0rc1
Data Fields
iso_extension_record_s Struct Reference

#include <rock.h>

Data Fields

char signature [2]
iso711_t len
iso711_t version
union {
   iso_su_sp_t   SP
   iso_su_er_t   ER
   iso_su_ce_t   CE
   iso_rock_px_t   PX
   iso_rock_pn_t   PN
   iso_rock_sl_t   SL
   iso_rock_nm_t   NM
   iso_rock_cl_t   CL
   iso_rock_pl_t   PL
   iso_rock_tf_t   TF

Field Documentation

iso_su_ce_t iso_extension_record_s::CE

system-use - strictly part of Rock Ridge

iso_rock_cl_t iso_extension_record_s::CL

Rock Ridge child link

iso_su_er_t iso_extension_record_s::ER

system-use extension packet - not strictly part of Rock Ridge

iso711_t iso_extension_record_s::len

length of system-user area - 44 for PX 20 for PN, 5+strlen(text) for SL, 21 for SF, etc.

iso_rock_nm_t iso_extension_record_s::NM

Rock Ridge alternate name

iso_rock_pl_t iso_extension_record_s::PL

Rock Ridge parent link

iso_rock_pn_t iso_extension_record_s::PN

Rock Ridge POSIX device number

iso_rock_px_t iso_extension_record_s::PX

Rock Ridge POSIX file attributes

char iso_extension_record_s::signature[2]

signature word; either 'SP', 'CE', 'ER', 'RR', 'PX', 'PN', 'SL', 'NM', 'CL', 'PL', 'TF', or 'ZF'

iso_rock_sl_t iso_extension_record_s::SL

Rock Ridge symbolic link

iso_su_sp_t iso_extension_record_s::SP

system-use-sharing protocol - not strictly part of Rock Ridge

iso_rock_tf_t iso_extension_record_s::TF

Rock Ridge timestamp(s) for a file

union { ... } iso_extension_record_s::u
iso711_t iso_extension_record_s::version

version number - value 1

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