libcdio  1.1.0rc1
Data Fields
iso_rock_px_s Struct Reference

#include <rock.h>

Data Fields

iso733_t st_mode
iso733_t st_nlinks
iso733_t st_uid
iso733_t st_gid

Detailed Description

POSIX file attributes, PX. See Rock Ridge Section 4.1.2

Field Documentation

iso733_t iso_rock_px_s::st_gid

user id owner of file; same as st_uid of POSIX:5.6.1

iso733_t iso_rock_px_s::st_mode
iso733_t iso_rock_px_s::st_nlinks

file mode permissions; same as st_mode of POSIX:5.6.1

iso733_t iso_rock_px_s::st_uid

number of links to file; same as st_nlinks of POSIX:5.6.1

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