libcdio  1.1.0rc1
Data Fields
iso_rock_time_s Struct Reference

#include <rock.h>

Data Fields

bool b_used
bool b_longdate
union {
   iso9660_ltime_t   ltime
   iso9660_dtime_t   dtime

Field Documentation

bool iso_rock_time_s::b_longdate

If true date format is a iso9660_ltime_t. Otherwise date is iso9660_dtime_t

bool iso_rock_time_s::b_used

If true, field has been set and is valid. Otherwise remaning fields are meaningless.

iso9660_dtime_t iso_rock_time_s::dtime
iso9660_ltime_t iso_rock_time_s::ltime
union { ... } iso_rock_time_s::t

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