libidn  1.33
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strerror-pr29.c File Reference
#include "pr29.h"
#include "gettext.h"

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#define _(String)   dgettext (PACKAGE, String)


const char * pr29_strerror (Pr29_rc rc)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _ (   String)    dgettext (PACKAGE, String)

Definition at line 37 of file strerror-pr29.c.

Function Documentation

const char* pr29_strerror ( Pr29_rc  rc)


rcan Pr29_rc return code.

Convert a return code integer to a text string. This string can be used to output a diagnostic message to the user.

PR29_SUCCESS: Successful operation. This value is guaranteed to always be zero, the remaining ones are only guaranteed to hold non-zero values, for logical comparison purposes. PR29_PROBLEM: A problem sequence was encountered. PR29_STRINGPREP_ERROR: The character set conversion failed (only for pr29_8z()).

Return value: Returns a pointer to a statically allocated string containing a description of the error with the return code .

Definition at line 57 of file strerror-pr29.c.