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6 Free Licenses Detection

6.1 Detected Free Licenses

In order for a file to be detected as free, the license notice should appear in a JavaScript file above all code, at the very top of the file.

For inline JavaScript code inside <script> tags in HTML pages, the license notice should appear once per page as a comment inside a <script> tag, before all the code in that script. When the only inline JavaScript code is within element attributes (onload, onclick), place the license notice in an otherwise empty <script> at the top of the page. This is sometimes needed when an external script performs AJAX calls or embeds scripts dynamically, and the only inline JavaScript is an event attribute making a method call, e.g.: <body onload="methodCall('remote-data.xml');">

When people speak of the “MIT license” they mean either the X11 license or the Expat license. Please see which license the code uses, and label it accordingly.

Currently LibreJS checks for the following licenses:

6.2 Undetected Free Licenses

If you are using a free license that isn’t detected by LibreJS and isn’t listed in the previous section, please send a message to regarding this license, where code released under this license can be found, and where to find the license text and information.

Many free licenses are listed in this page:

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