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4.5 Auxilliary functions


Function: asn1_node asn1_find_node (asn1_node pointer, const char * name)

pointer: NODE_ASN element pointer.

name: null terminated string with the element’s name to find.

Searches for an element called name starting from pointer . The name is composed by differents identifiers separated by dots. When * pointer has a name, the first identifier must be the name of * pointer , otherwise it must be the name of one child of * pointer .

Returns: the search result, or NULL if not found.


Function: const char * asn1_check_version (const char * req_version)

req_version: Required version number, or NULL .

Check that the version of the library is at minimum the requested one and return the version string; return NULL if the condition is not satisfied. If a NULL is passed to this function, no check is done, but the version string is simply returned.

See ASN1_VERSION for a suitable req_version string.

Returns: Version string of run-time library, or NULL if the run-time library does not meet the required version number.