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3.3 Invoking asn1Decoding

asn1Decoding generates an ASN.1 structure from a file with ASN.1 definitions and a binary file with a DER encoding.

Usage:  asn1Decoding [options] file1 file2 type
 file1 : file with ASN1 definitions.
 file2 : binary file with a DER encoding.
 type : ASN1 definition name.
 -h : shows the help message.
 -v : shows version information and exit.
 -o file : output file.

For example, after generating the assign.out file from the example section of the asn1Coding command above, the following invocation will decode the DER data.

$ asn1Decoding pkix.asn assign.out PKIX1.Dss-Sig-Value