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5.3 Using Automake with libtool

Libtool library support is implemented under the ‘LTLIBRARIES’ primary.

Here are some samples from the Automake in the libtool distribution’s demo subdirectory.

First, to link a program against a libtool library, just use the ‘program_LDADD5 variable:

bin_PROGRAMS = hell hell_static

# Build hell from main.c and
hell_SOURCES = main.c
hell_LDADD =

# Create a statically linked version of hell.
hell_static_SOURCES = main.c
hell_static_LDADD =
hell_static_LDFLAGS = -static

You may use the ‘program_LDFLAGS’ variable to stuff in any flags you want to pass to libtool while linking program (such as -static to avoid linking uninstalled shared libtool libraries).

Building a libtool library is almost as trivial… note the use of ‘libhello_la_LDFLAGS’ to pass the -version-info (see Versioning) option to libtool:

# Build a libtool library, for installation in libdir.
libhello_la_SOURCES = hello.c foo.c
libhello_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info 3:12:1

The -rpath option is passed automatically by Automake (except for libraries listed as noinst_LTLIBRARIES), so you should not specify it.

See The Automake Manual in The Automake Manual, for more information.



Since GNU Automake 1.5, the flags -dlopen or -dlpreopen (see Link mode) can be employed with the ‘program_LDADD’ variable. Unfortunately, older releases didn’t accept these flags, so if you are stuck with an ancient Automake, we recommend quoting the flag itself, and setting ‘program_DEPENDENCIES’ too:

program_LDADD = "-dlopen"