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3.11 Advanced tweaking

3.11.1 Hacking ressources

Liquid War 6 tries to have as few hardcoded data as possible. So many constants, and pretty much all the image files, are accessible in the data directory. You can know where it is by launching liquidwar6 --show-data-dir. If you look in this directory you’ll find different files, among them XML files.

Let’s take an example. Try and find the file gfx/gl/hud/floating/gl-floating-const.xml. Edit the line with the clock-y1 entry. Change the number after "value". Re-run the program. Play a game. What happens? Logically you should see that “something” is not displayed at the same place than before.

You could also modify the textures (JPEG and PNG files). In a general manner it’s more cautious to keep them the same size but it depends, sometimes other sizes will work as well.

Many of these parameters are really too technical and obscure to have their place in the main config file (which is already rather big). Use at your own risks, you can really break things touching this, but you can also find out lots of things can be tuned.

3.11.2 Optimize for speed