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2.13 Config file

The config file is a simple XML file. It uses XML only to benefit standard parsing tools, but it’s not a structured XML file, in the sense that the tree is so simple that all items are at the same level. It is just a simple key-value binding.

This file is in $HOME/.liquidwar6/config.xml on GNU/Linux and POSIX systems, in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Liquid War 6\config.xml on Microsoft Windows and in /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Liquid War 6/config.xml on Mac OS X.

You’re free to edit it manually, but all parameters are changeable with command line options. The program will overwrite this file each time it exits, so if you put comments in it, they will disappear. The advantage of this is that if you mispell something, or if for some reason the game does not understand a value, then when rewriting the file, it will show you it just did not get it.

The file embeds the documentation for all its entries, it is therefore rather verbose. The documentation is the same you will find online or by quering the game with the --about option, also the same you would get reading this manual.