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2.4 Extra maps

2.4.1 The extra maps package

The main package contains some maps so that you can try out the game. Still, an additionnal package, called extra-maps or liquidwar6-extra-maps is available, containing more maps. It really does contain many of them, including most Liquid War 3 and Liquid War 5 legacy maps, plus new Liquid War 6 maps.

2.4.2 Install extra maps on GNU/Linux and POSIX systems

On GNU/Linux systems (and possibly any POSIX unixish system) running:

make install

will install the extra maps on your system automatically, they will then be available in the extra/ sub-directory when browsing maps.

The ./configure script has a --enable-liquidwar6 switch which will try and find automatically if there’s an existing liquidwar6 binary in the path. If there’s such a binary, it will run it and ask for its map-path and use this value automatically.

2.4.3 Raw install of extra maps (all-platforms)

Another solution, which works on all platforms including Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X but also works on GNU/Linux, is to simply unpack the extra-maps package (unzip or untar) in your custom map directory, or in the system map directory. There’s nothing else to do to install these maps but simply put them on your hard drive in the right directory.

Typically on an Microsoft Windows system, you would unpack the extra maps in C:\Program Files\Liquid War 6\map\ (system directory) and on a Mac OS X system you would unpack the extra maps in Liquid War (system directory) or $HOME/Library/Application Support/Liquid War 6/map (user directory). On a GNU/Linux or POSIX system you would unpack them in $HOME/.liquidwar6/map/ (user directory).

Next time you run the game, the maps should be browsable.

If you can’t see them, run liquidwar6 --audit and check that the place where you unpacked the files is actually searched by the binary.

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