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3.17 Using GIT

3.17.1 About GIT

There’s no CVS or Subversion (AKA “SVN”) source depot for Liquid War 6. Instead, a GIT depot is used. GIT has many advantages over other source control managers (SCM), among them, it’s distributed, like GNU Arch.

You can find interesting informations on GIT here:

3.17.2 Getting the latest source

Simply install git and run the following command:

git clone git://

If you are behing a firewall and can’t have direct TCP/IP access:

git clone

Additionnally, source can be browsed online here:

3.17.3 Developper access

You need an ssh access on Savannah and appropriate rights on the project, then you can type:

git clone

3.17.4 Submitting patches

If you have developper access to the project, then a simply git push will commit your changes.

If not (that is, if you checked out anonymously using git clone git:// for instance, you can still submit patches. Follow these steps:

Note that you can need to run git format-patch -p master (with master instead of origin) it not using a fresh checkout. Also consider adding the --stdout switch, eg git format-patch -p master --stdout > my-changes.patch if you’re not using a fresh checkout.

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