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Persistent type. More...

#include <persist.h>

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persistent_store List of all members.

Public Methods

 persistent (persist_id_t id)
 Create a persistent object.

 persistent (persist_id_t id, const type &init)
 Create a persistent object.

 persistent (persist_id_t id, type &init)
 Create a persistent object.

 ~persistent ()
 Delete the runtime instance of the object.

persistent< type > & operator= (const type &value)
 Assignment operator.

persistent< type > & operator= (type &value)
 Assignment operator.

 operator const type & ()
 Return the value of the object.

persistent< type > & operator++ (int)
persistent< type > & operator-- (int)

Private Methods

void sync ()
 Sync the object with its persistent store.

Private Attributes

type obj

Detailed Description

template<class type>
class persistent< type >

Persistent type.

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