Old News
- Jun 27, 2002
 New beta release 1.9d with GCC 3.0.4, Gdb 5.2, Binutils 2.12.1, Newlib 1.10 (available in sources & binaries for Windows and GNU/Linux).
- Jun 15, 2002
 Web site translated to PHP for better management and new features.
- Mar 23, 2002
 Mike Gruber provides a build script that automates the process of building the toolchain from source. build.
- Mar 17, 2002
 New source snapshot for GCC 3.0.4, Gdb 5.1, Newlib 1.10.
- Feb 3, 2002
 New source snapshot for GCC 3.0.3. Many optimizations for 68HC12. Gcc now beats Cosmic on string.c example (compiles in 738 bytes for 68HC12 vs 816 bytes with Cosmic).
- Jan 8, 2002
 New source snapshot for GCC 3.0.3. Support for linker relaxation (68HC11).
- Nov 25, 2001
 Patchs available for GCC 3.0.2.
- Nov 22, 2001
 GDB 5.1 is released by the FSF. GDB 5.1 includes the 68HC11 and 68HC12 support.
- Oct 23, 2001
 John Volpe provides graphical installation of Release 1.1.1 for Windows platforms (see Windows packages).
- Oct 14, 2001
 Release 1.1.1 is available. It fixes a build problem in GDB and a linker script error. Both GNU/Linux and Windows binaries are available.
- Sep 29, 2001
 Release 1.1 is available. Based on GCC 2.95.3, Binutils 2.11.2, Gdb 5.0 and Newlib 1.9.0.
- Sep 5, 2001
 Patchs available for GCC 3.0.1.
- Sep 11, 2001
 Timothy Housel donates a patch for GDB support of Kevin Ross' BDM (68HC12 BDM).
- Aug 18, 2001
 GCC 3.0.1 is released by FSF with 68HC11/68HC12 support.
- May 8, 2001
 Release 1.0 is available. Based on GCC 2.95.3, Binutils 2.11, Gdb 5.0, Newlib 1.9.0.
- Apr 16, 2001
 New examples with more documentation; Online documentation about examples and their internals.
- Apr 12, 2001
 GNU Binutils 2.11 is released by FSF with 68HC11/68HC12 support.
- Mar 9, 2001
 http://www.gnu-m68hc11.org is born.
- Mar 8, 2001
 Added a Projects page to list some interesting projects.
- Feb 11, 2001
 Fix some descriptions and links on this site.
- Jan 14, 2001
 New release. Bug fix for 68HC12 Gcc, Binutils. Support for 68HC12 in Gdb and 68HC12 simulator. Support for DBug monitor. Benchmark example.
- Dec 24, 2000
 New look for the web pages.
- Sep 23, 2000
 Windows binaries for Gcc and the Binutils are available.
- Sep 17, 2000
 New release. Bug fix for Gcc, Binutils. Many improvements in Gdb. Support for Buffalo monitor. RPM binary packages with full HTML documentation.
- Sep 10, 2000
 GCC port is now integrated in FSF mainline sources.
- Aug 7, 2000
 Sent several patches to integrate the 68HC11 & 68HC12 port in GCC.
- Aug 5, 2000
 New port based on GDB 5.0 and Binutils 2.10. Many new optimizations in GCC. RPM binary packages for GNU/Linux.
- July 27, 2000
 GDB and Binutils port are now integrated in FSF mainline sources.
- June 25, 2000
 Sent 7 patches to gdb-patches@sourceware.cygnus.com for the support of 68HC11 in gdb.
- June 18, 2000
 Sent 8 patches to binutils@sourceware.cygnus.com for the support of 68HC11 and 68HC12 (bfd, opcodes, gas, ld, ...).
- April 24, 2000
 New snapshot. First step in optimization for 68HC12 code generation, more optimizations for 68HC11 and big cleanup of GCC port. It also fixes some bugs.
- March 18, 2000
 Added a Putbacks link to give the status of patches sent for integration to Binutils, Gcc, Gdb...
- February 26, 2000
 New snapshot which fixes simulator problems (on Ultra Sparc), fixes SIO problems; Re-worked the examples; New bootstrap examples.
- January 14, 2000
 Yet another snapshot of the port. It fixes more GCC test-suite problems and solves the source level debugging with GDB (next and step now work correctly at source level).
- January 6, 2000
 Created a mailing list gnu-m68hc11 at egroups.com.
- December 31, 1999
 Last snapshot of the year. Fix various problems with -mshort (shift patterns, loop and reload passes).
- November 29, 1999
 New snapshot of the port for GCC 2.95.2 release. Port the Binutils for 68HC12, update GCC port to support 68HC12/68HC11 assembler (still generates 68HC11 assembly).
- November 2, 1999
 New snapshot of the port for GCC 2.95.1 release. Fixed more problems with -fomit-frame-pointer, va_list, 32 and 64-bits arithmetic. Support interrupt and trap handlers with the GNU extension __attribute__.
- September 24, 1999
 New snapshot of the port for GCC 2.95.1 release. Fixed some problems with -fomit-frame-pointer, with 64-bits floats, with va_list, with 64-bits arithmetic.
- September 5, 1999
 New snapshot of the port for GCC 2.95.1 release. Fixed the problems with va_list.
- August 29, 1999
 Fixed the linker crashing when there was undefined symbols. Follow the Motorola specification concerning ELF files. Improvement of linker scripts: generic placement of vectors, definition of memory banks (ROM, RAM), creation of data image in ROM with mapping in RAM.
- August 14, 1999
 New snapshot of the port for the GCC 2.95 release. Many enhancements have been integrated to general high quality and compact code. The support for 32-bits and 64-bits numbers is functional. IEEE floating points are appearing at the corner...