2.1.4 Notifications

Mailman sends notifications to the list administrators or list members under a number of different circumstances. Most of these notifications can be configured in this section, but see the Bounce Processing and Auto-responder categories for other notifications that Mailman can send.

By default Mailman sends all list members a monthly password reminder. This notice serves two purposes. First, it reminds people about all the lists they may be subscribed to on this domain, including the lists where their subscription may be disabled. Second, it reminds people about their passwords for these lists, as well as the url for their personal options pages, so that they can more easily configure their subscription options.

Some people get annoyed with these monthly reminders, and they can disable the reminders via their subscription options page. For some lists, the monthly reminders aren't appropriate for any of the members, so you can disable them list-wide by setting the send_reminders variable to No.

When new members are subscribed to the list, either by their own action, or the action of a list administrator, a welcome message can be sent to them. The welcome message contains some common boilerplate information, such as the name of the list, instructions for posting to the list, and the member's subscription password. You can add additional information to the welcome message by typing the text into the welcome_msg text box. Note that because this text is sent as part of an email, it should not contain HTML.

This flag controls whether or not the welcome message is sent to new subscribers.

Like the welcome_msg, a ``goodbye'' message can be sent to members when they unsubscribe from the list. Unlike the welcome message, there's no boilerplate for the goodbye message. Enter the entire goodbye message you'd like unsubscribing members to receive into the goodbye_msg text box.

This flag controls whether or not the goodbye message is sent to unsubscribing members.

List moderators get notifications of pending administrative actions, such as subscription or unsubscription requests that require moderator approval, or posted messages that are being held for moderator approval. List moderators will always get a daily summary of such pending requests, but they can also get immediate notifications when such a request is made. The admin_immed_notify variable controls whether these immediate notifications are sent or not. It's generally a good idea to leave this set to Yes.

This variable controls whether the list administrators should get notifications when members join or leave the list.

This variable controls whether the original sender of a posting gets a notice when their message is held for moderator approval.