Mcron release history

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1.0.8 --- 2014-05-25 --- DOWNLOAD

Build infrastructure changes to allow production of minimal man page (required by Debian) using standard autotools methods.

1.0.7 --- 2014-04-28

We now run, only, against guile-2.0.

1.0.6 --- 2010-06-19

The only changes in this version are technicalities in the wording of license notices, most of which have been replaced with standard GNU wording as exemplified in the GNU hello package. A declaration of the invariance of front and back sections of the texinfo documentation (of which there actually are none) has been removed.

We have now been accepted as a Debian package, and testing is currently underway in the Squeeze distribution.

1.0.5 --- 2010-06-13

The only changes in this version are technical build issues which make the package more parsimonious with the Debian package system; we are currently working to produce such a (Debian) package!

1.0.4 --- 2008-02-21

1.0.3 --- 2006-04-16

This release has come about mainly due to a suggested patch from Sergey Poznyakoff - very many thanks.

1.0.2 --- 2006-01-02

1.0.1 --- 2004-05-22

Upgraded all auxiliary and documentation files to reflect the fact that the package is now homed at Mailing lists, etc, have been set up and are now running.

1.0.0 --- 2003-12-12

Upgraded all auxiliary and documentation files to reflect the fact that we are now a GNU package, and this is version 1.

0.99.4 --- 2003-12-02

Two package configuration additions have been made in light of the review made by the GNU organization (thanks to Karl Berry for these suggestions):

Due to the disruption to service, this version is neither tagged in CVS nor released to the masses.

0.99.3 --- 2003-08-05

The code is now broken out into modules which can be used in other programs (the API is fully documented in the manual).

0.99.2 --- 2003-07-20

100% Vixie compatibility is now achieved. The code is fully functional and production quality, but still hasn't had any testing done.

0.99.1 --- 2003-07-05

The code base is currently functionally complete and written to production quality. Unfortunately the current incarnation of Guile is unable to support it fully. As this will take some time for me to sort out, I have made an interim release 0.99.1 which only has the mcron personality active by default. There are two main reasons why I have released this now.

  1. The world deserves mcron, even without the Vixie compatibility.
  2. Maybe someone who knows the Guile innards better than me will look into the problem (I don't want to harass the Guile team directly - they're making good, steady progress as it is).

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