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1.3 Basic installation

MDK uses GNU Autoconf and Automake tools, and, therefore, should be built and installed without hassle using the following commands inside the source directory:

make install

where the last one must be run as root.

The first command, configure, will setup the makefiles for your system. In particular, configure will look for GTK+ and libglade, and, if they are present, will generate the appropriate makefiles for building the gmixvm graphical user interface. Upon completion, you should see a message with the configuration results like the following:

*** GNU MDK 1.2.9 has been successfully configured. ***

Type 'make' to build the following utilities:
    - mixasm (MIX assembler)
    - mixvm (MIX virtual machine, with readline support,
             with guile support)
    - gmixvm (mixvm GTK+ GUI, with guile support)
    - mixguile (the mixvm guile shell)

where the last lines may be missing if you lack the above mentioned libraries.

The next command, make, will actually build the MDK programs in the following locations:

You can run these programs from within their directories, but I recommend you to install them in proper locations using make install from a root shell.