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Instructions and commands

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About...: Menu and status bars
ADD: Arithmetic operators
ALF: MIXAL directives

cabp: Debug commands
cbp: Debug commands
cbpa: Debug commands
cbpc: Debug commands
cbpm: Debug commands
cbpo: Debug commands
cbpr: Debug commands
Change font: Menu and status bars
CHAR: Conversion operators
Clear breakpoints: Menu and status bars
CMPA: Comparison operators
CMPi: Comparison operators
CMPX: Comparison operators
compile: File commands
Compile...: Menu and status bars
CON: MIXAL directives

DECA: Address transfer operators
DECi: Address transfer operators
DECX: Address transfer operators
Detached windows: Menu and status bars
Detached windows: Menu and status bars
Detached windows: Menu and status bars
Device output...: Menu and status bars
Devices dir...: Menu and status bars
DIV: Arithmetic operators

edit: File commands
Edit...: Menu and status bars
END: MIXAL directives
ENNA: Address transfer operators
ENNi: Address transfer operators
ENNX: Address transfer operators
ENTA: Address transfer operators
ENTi: Address transfer operators
ENTX: Address transfer operators
EQU: MIXAL directives
Exit: Menu and status bars
External programs...: Menu and status bars

help: Commands
HLT: Miscellaneous operators

IN: Input-output operators
INCA: Address transfer operators
INCi: Address transfer operators
INCX: Address transfer operators
IOC: Input-output operators

JAE: Jump operators
JAN: Jump operators
JANN: Jump operators
JANP: Jump operators
JANZ: Jump operators
JAO: Jump operators
JAP: Jump operators
JAZ: Jump operators
JBUS: Input-output operators
JE: Jump operators
JG: Jump operators
JGE: Jump operators
JiN: Jump operators
JiNN: Jump operators
JiNP: Jump operators
JiNZ: Jump operators
JiP: Jump operators
JiZ: Jump operators
JL: Jump operators
JLE: Jump operators
JMP: Jump operators
JNE: Jump operators
JNOV: Jump operators
JOV: Jump operators
JRED: Input-output operators
JSJ: Jump operators
JXE: Jump operators
JXN: Jump operators
JXNN: Jump operators
JXNP: Jump operators
JXNZ: Jump operators
JXO: Jump operators
JXP: Jump operators
JXZ: Jump operators

LDA: Loading operators
LDAN: Loading operators
LDi: Loading operators
LDiN: Loading operators
LDX: Loading operators
LDXN: Loading operators
load: File commands
Load...: Menu and status bars

mix-add-break-hook: Hooks
mix-add-cond-break: Hooks
mix-add-global-post-hook: Hooks
mix-add-global-pre-hook: Hooks
mix-add-post-hook: Hooks
mix-add-pre-hook: Hooks
mix-cell: Additional VM functions
mix-cmp: Additional VM functions
mix-ddir: Additional VM functions
mix-lap-time: Additional VM functions
mix-last-result: mixvm wrappers
mix-loc: Additional VM functions
mix-over: Additional VM functions
mix-pmem: mixvm wrappers
mix-preg: mixvm wrappers
mix-prog-name: Additional VM functions
mix-prog-path: Additional VM functions
mix-prog-time: Additional VM functions
mix-reg: Additional VM functions
mix-set-cell!: Additional VM functions
mix-set-cmp!: Additional VM functions
mix-set-over!: Additional VM functions
mix-set-reg!: Additional VM functions
mix-sover: mixvm wrappers
mix-src-line: Additional VM functions
mix-src-line-no: Additional VM functions
mix-src-path: Additional VM functions
mix-sreg: mixvm wrappers
mix-up-time: Additional VM functions
mix-vm-break?: Additional VM functions
mix-vm-cond-break?: Additional VM functions
mix-vm-empty?: Additional VM functions
mix-vm-error?: Additional VM functions
mix-vm-halted?: Additional VM functions
mix-vm-loaded?: Additional VM functions
mix-vm-running?: Additional VM functions
mix-vm-status: Additional VM functions
mixvm-cmd: mixvm wrappers
mixvm-status: Additional VM functions
MOVE: Miscellaneous operators
MUL: Arithmetic operators

next: Debug commands
Next: Menu and status bars
NOP: Miscellaneous operators
NUM: Conversion operators

ORIG: MIXAL directives
OUT: Input-output operators

pall: State commands
pasm: Configuration commands
pbt: Debug commands
pc: State commands
pddir: Configuration commands
pedit: Configuration commands
pflags: State commands
pline: Debug commands
pmem: State commands
pprog: File commands
preg: State commands
prompt: Configuration commands
psrc: File commands
pstat: State commands
psym: Debug commands
ptime: Configuration commands

quit: File commands

run: File commands
Run: Menu and status bars

sasm: Configuration commands
Save: Menu and status bars
Save on exit: Menu and status bars
sbp: Debug commands
sbpc: Debug commands
sbpm: Debug commands
sbpo: Debug commands
sbpr: Debug commands
sbt: Debug commands
scmf: Scheme commands
scmp: State commands
sddir: Configuration commands
sedit: Configuration commands
SLA: Shift operators
SLAX: Shift operators
SLB: Shift operators
SLC: Shift operators
slog: Configuration commands
smem: State commands
sover: State commands
spba: Debug commands
SRA: Shift operators
SRAX: Shift operators
SRB: Shift operators
SRC: Shift operators
sreg: State commands
ssym: Debug commands
STA: Storing operators
STi: Storing operators
stime: Configuration commands
STJ: Storing operators
strace: Debug commands
STX: Storing operators
STZ: Storing operators
SUB: Arithmetic operators
Symbols...: Menu and status bars

Toolbar(s): Menu and status bars

w2d: Debug commands
weval: Debug commands

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