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7.2 MIXVM console

In the lower half of the gmixvm main window, you will find a command text entry and, above it, an echo area. These widgets offer you the same functionality as its CLI counterpart, mixvm (see mixvm). You can issue almost all mixmv commands at the gmixvm’s command prompt in order to manipulate the MIX virtual machine. Please refer to See mixvm, for a description of these commands, and to See Getting started, for a tutorial on using the MIX virtual machine. The command prompt offers command line completion for partially typed commands using the TAB key; e.g., if you type

lo TAB

the command is automatically completed to load. If multiple completions are available, they will be shown in the echo area. Thus, typing


will produce the following output on the echo area:

pc     psym     preg     pflags     pall

which lists all the available commands starting with p. In addition, the command prompt maintains a history of typed commands, which can be recovered using the arrow up and down keys. As mentioned above, a file containing previous sessions’ commands is stored in the configuration directory ~/.mdk, and reloaded every time you start gmixvm.

You can change the font used to display the issued commands and the messages in the echo area using the Settings->Change font->Command prompt and Settings->Change font->Command log menu commands.