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6.2.5 Scheme commands

If you have compiled MDK with libguile support (see Special configure flags), mixvm will start and initialise an embedded Guile Scheme interpreter when it is invoked. That means that you have at your disposal, at mixvm’s command prompt, all the Scheme primitives described in Using mixguile and mixguile, as well as any other function or hook that you have defined in the initialisation file ~/.mdk/mixguile.scm. To evaluate a Scheme function, simply type it at the mixvm command prompt (see Using Scheme in mixvm and gmixvm for a sample). Compared to the mixguile program, this has only one limitation: the expressions used in mixvm cannot span more than one line. You can get over this inconvenience writing your multiline Scheme expressions in a file and loading it using the scmf command:

scheme command: scmf FILE_NAME

Loads the given Scheme file and evaluates it using the embedded Guile interpreter.