StringList Class Reference

#include <StringList.h>

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List Object

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file StringList.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Add (Object *)
void Add (String *obj)
void Add (char *)
void AppendList (List &list)
virtual void Assign (Object *, int position)
void Assign (String *obj, int pos)
void Assign (char *, int pos)
virtual int compare (const Object &)
ObjectCopy () const
int Count () const
int Create (const String &str, const char *sep)
int Create (const char *str, const char *sep)
int Create (const String &str, char sep= '\t')
int Create (const char *str, char sep= '\t')
virtual void Destroy ()
ObjectGet_First ()
ObjectGet_Next (ListCursor &cursor) const
ObjectGet_Next ()
int Index (Object *)
virtual void Insert (Object *, int position)
void Insert (String *obj, int pos)
void Insert (char *, int pos)
String Join (char) const
ObjectLast ()
ObjectNext (Object *current)
ObjectNth (int n)
const ObjectNth (int n) const
const ObjectNth (ListCursor &cursor, int n) const
const Objectoperator[] (int n) const
char * operator[] (int n)
virtual ObjectPop (int action=LIST_REMOVE_DESTROY)
ObjectPrevious (Object *current)
virtual void Push (Object *o)
virtual void Release ()
virtual int Remove (int position, int action=LIST_REMOVE_DESTROY)
virtual int Remove (Object *)
virtual ObjectShift (int action=LIST_REMOVE_DESTROY)
void Sort (int direction=0)
void Start_Get (ListCursor &cursor0) const
void Start_Get ()
 StringList (const String &str, const char *sep)
 StringList (const char *str, const char *sep)
 StringList (const String &str, char sep= '\t')
 StringList (const char *str, char sep= '\t')
 StringList ()
virtual void Unshift (Object *o)

Protected Attributes

ListCursor cursor
int number

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