VlengthCoder Member List

This is the complete list of members for VlengthCoder, including all inherited members.

bsVlengthCoder [private]
FindInterval(const unsigned int v, int &interval, unsigned int &low)VlengthCoder [inline]
GenerateLowBoundaries(WordInterval *intervals, int nintervals)VlengthCoder
GetUint()VlengthCoder [inline]
GetUints(unsigned int *vals, int n)VlengthCoder
interval_bitsVlengthCoder [private]
intervalsVlengthCoder [private]
nintervalsVlengthCoder [private]
PutUint(unsigned int val)VlengthCoder [inline]
PutUints(unsigned int *vals, int n)VlengthCoder
PutUintsPrepare(unsigned int *vals, int n)VlengthCoder
VlengthCoder(WordBitStream &nbs)VlengthCoder
~VlengthCoder()VlengthCoder [inline]

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