WordBitCompress Class Reference

#include <WordBitCompress.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 263 of file WordBitCompress.h.

Public Member Functions

void Allocate (unsigned int nbuff_size)
void BitposIncr (int incr)
unsigned char * Buff ()
unsigned char * BuffCopy ()
int BuffLength ()
void BuffSet (const unsigned char *nbuff, int nbuff_length)
void Check (int index)
void Clear ()
void Freeze ()
unsigned char Get ()
int GetUchars (unsigned char **valsp, int *valsp_size)
int GetUchars (unsigned char **valsp)
unsigned int GetUint (int n)
int GetUints (unsigned int **valsp, int *valsp_size)
int GetUints (unsigned int **valsp)
void GetUintsDecr (unsigned int *vals, int n)
void GetUintsFixed (unsigned int *vals, int n)
void GetZone (unsigned char *vals, int n)
void Init ()
int Length ()
void Put (unsigned int v)
int PutUchars (unsigned char *vals, int n)
void PutUint (unsigned int v, int n)
int PutUints (unsigned int *vals, int n)
void PutUintsDecr (unsigned int *vals, int n)
void PutUintsFixed (unsigned int *vals, int n)
void PutZone (unsigned char *vals, int n)
void Rewind ()
void UnFreeze ()
 WordBitCompress (int size)
 WordBitCompress ()

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