WordDB Class Reference

#include <WordDB.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file WordDB.h.

Public Member Functions

int Alloc ()
int CacheCompare (int(*compare)(WordContext *, const WordDBCacheEntry *, const WordDBCacheEntry *))
int CacheFlush ()
int CacheOff ()
int CacheOn (WordContext *context, int size_hint)
int CacheP () const
int Close ()
WordDBCursorCursor ()
int Del (const WordReference &wordRef)
int Del (DB_TXN *txn, const String &key)
int Exists (const WordReference &wordRef) const
int Fd (int *fdp)
int Get (WordReference &wordRef) const
int Get (DB_TXN *txn, String &key, unsigned int &data, int flags) const
int Get (DB_TXN *txn, String &key, String &data, int flags) const
int get_byteswapped () const
DBTYPE get_type () const
int Open (const String &filename, const String &subname, DBTYPE type, int flags, int mode, int tags)
int Put (const WordReference &wordRef, int flags)
int Put (DB_TXN *txn, const String &key, const unsigned int &data, int flags)
int Put (DB_TXN *txn, const String &key, const String &data, int flags)
int Remove (const String &filename, const String &subname)
int set_bt_compare (int(*compare)(const DBT *, const DBT *), void *user_data)
int set_pagesize (u_int32_t pagesize)
unsigned int Size () const
int Stat (void *sp, void *(*db_malloc)(size_t), int flags)
int Sync (int flags)
int Tags () const
void Tags (int tags)
 WordDB (WordDBInfo &ndb_info)
 ~WordDB ()

Public Attributes

int is_open
void * user_data

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