WordDict Member List

This is the complete list of members for WordDict, including all inherited members.

Cursor() const WordDict
CursorPrefix(const String &prefix) const WordDict
dbWordDict [private]
Decr(const String &word, unsigned int decr)WordDict
Exists(const String &word) const WordDict
Incr(const String &word, unsigned int incr)WordDict
Initialize(WordList *words)WordDict
Next(WordDictCursor *cursor, String &word, WordDictRecord &record)WordDict
NextPrefix(WordDictCursor *cursor, String &word, WordDictRecord &record)WordDict
Noccurrence(const String &word, unsigned int &noccurrence) const WordDict
Normalize(String &word) const WordDict
Put(const String &word, unsigned int noccurrence)WordDict
Ref(const String &word)WordDict [inline]
Serial(const String &word, unsigned int &serial)WordDict
SerialExists(const String &word, unsigned int &serial)WordDict
SerialRef(const String &word, unsigned int &serial)WordDict
Unref(const String &word)WordDict [inline]
WordDict()WordDict [inline]
Words() const WordDict
wordsWordDict [private]
Write(FILE *f)WordDict

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