WordType Member List

This is the complete list of members for WordType, including all inherited members.

allow_numbersWordType [private]
badwordsWordType [private]
chrtypesWordType [private]
extra_word_charactersWordType [private]
IsChar(int c) const WordType [inline]
IsControl(int c) const WordType [inline]
IsDigit(int c) const WordType [inline]
IsStrictChar(int c) const WordType [inline]
lowercaseWordType [private]
maximum_lengthWordType [private]
minimum_lengthWordType [private]
Normalize(String &s) const WordType
NormalizeStatus(int flags)WordType [static]
StripPunctuation(String &s) const WordType [inline]
truncateWordType [private]
valid_punctuationWordType [private]
WordType(const Configuration &config)WordType

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