__db_lockregion Struct Reference

#include <lock.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file lock.h.

Public Member Functions

 SH_TAILQ_HEAD (__dobj) dd_objs
 SH_TAILQ_HEAD (__flocker) free_lockers
 SH_TAILQ_HEAD (__fobj) free_objs
 SH_TAILQ_HEAD (__flock) free_locks

Public Attributes

roff_t conf_off
u_int32_t detect
u_int32_t id
roff_t locker_off
roff_t lsynch_off
u_int32_t maxlocks
u_int32_t maxnlockers
u_int32_t nconflicts
u_int32_t ndeadlocks
u_int32_t need_dd
u_int32_t nlockers
u_int32_t nmodes
u_int32_t nnowaits
u_int32_t nreleases
u_int32_t nrequests
roff_t obj_off
roff_t osynch_off
u_int32_t table_size

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