__db_mpool_stat Struct Reference

#include <db.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 1088 of file db.h.

Public Attributes

u_int32_t st_bytes
u_int32_t st_cache_hit
u_int32_t st_cache_miss
u_int32_t st_gbytes
u_int32_t st_hash_buckets
u_int32_t st_hash_examined
u_int32_t st_hash_longest
u_int32_t st_hash_searches
u_int32_t st_map
u_int32_t st_ncache
u_int32_t st_page_clean
u_int32_t st_page_create
u_int32_t st_page_dirty
u_int32_t st_page_in
u_int32_t st_page_out
u_int32_t st_page_trickle
u_int32_t st_region_nowait
u_int32_t st_region_wait
u_int32_t st_regsize
u_int32_t st_ro_evict
u_int32_t st_rw_evict

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