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17.6 Clipping of Graphics Output

Scheme provides a rudimentary mechanism for restricting graphics output to a given rectangular subsection of a graphics device. By default, graphics output that is drawn anywhere within the device’s virtual coordinate limits will appear on the device. When a clip rectangle is specified, however, output that would have appeared outside the clip rectangle is not drawn.

Note that changing the virtual coordinate limits for a device will usually reset the clip rectangle for that device, as will any operation that affects the size of the device (such as a window resizing operation). However, programs should not depend on this.

procedure: graphics-set-clip-rectangle graphics-device x-left y-bottom x-right y-top

Specifies the clip rectangle for graphics-device in virtual coordinates. X-left, y-bottom, x-right, and y-top must be real numbers. Subsequent graphics output is clipped to the intersection of this rectangle and the device’s virtual coordinate limits.

procedure: graphics-reset-clip-rectangle graphics-device

Eliminates the clip rectangle for graphics-device. Subsequent graphics output is clipped to the virtual coordinate limits of the device.