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3 Reporting Bugs

If you think you have found a bug in the MPRIA library, please investigate it and report it. Likewise, if you think you have figure out a valuable enhancement for the MPRIA library, please mature it and suggest it. This library has been made available to you: it is expected you will report the bugs that you find or you will suggest the enhancements that you wish.

For bug reports, please include enough information to reproduce the problem. Generally speaking, that means:

If your bug report is good, I will do my best to help you to get a corrected version of the library; if the bug report is poor, I will not do anything about it (aside of chiding you to send better bug reports).

Patches are welcome; if possible, please make them with ‘diff -u’ and include ChangeLog entries. Please follow the existing coding style (even if you do not like it).

Please send your bug reports, your suggestions, your patches or your comments to:’.

If you think something in this manual is unclear, or downright incorrect, or if the language needs to be improved, please send a note to the same address.

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