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G.1.3 External Packages

The following external packages are required:


Basic Linear Algebra Subroutine library ( Accelerated BLAS libraries such as ATLAS ( are recommeded for better performance.


Linear Algebra Package (


The Perl Compatible Regular Expression library (

The following external package is optional but strongly recommended:

GNU Readline

Command-line editing library (

If you wish to build Octave without GNU readline installed, you must use the --disable-readline option when running the configure script.

The following external software packages are optional but recommended:


Library for the solution of large-scale eigenvalue problems ( ARPACK is required to provide the functions eigs and svds.


Library for transferring data with URL syntax ( cURL is required to provide the urlread and urlwrite functions and the ftp class.


Library for computing discrete Fourier transforms ( FFTW3 is used to provide better performance for functions that compute discrete Fourier transforms (fft, ifft, fft2, etc.)


Portable GUI toolkit ( FLTK is currently used to provide windows for Octave’s OpenGL-based graphics functions.


Library for configuring and customizing font access ( Fontconfig is used to manage fonts for Octave’s OpenGL-based graphics functions.


Portable font engine ( FreeType is used to perform font rendering for Octave’s OpenGL-based graphics functions.


GNU Linear Programming Kit ( GPLK is required for the function glpk.


OpenGL to PostScript printing library ( gl2ps is required for printing when using the FLTK toolkit.


Interactive graphics program ( gnuplot is currently the default graphics renderer for Octave.


Image processing library ( GraphicsMagick++ is used to provide the imread and imwrite functions.


Library for manipulating portable data files ( HDF5 is required for Octave’s load and save commands to read and write HDF data files.


Compiler framework, ( LLVM is required for Octave’s experimental just-in-time (JIT) compilation for speeding up the interpreter.


API for portable 2-D and 3-D graphics ( An OpenGL implementation is required to provide Octave’s OpenGL-based graphics functions. Octave’s OpenGL-based graphics functions usually outperform the gnuplot-based graphics functions because plot data can be rendered directly instead of sending data and commands to gnuplot for interpretation and rendering.


Computational geometry library ( Qhull is required to provide the functions convhull, convhulln, delaunay, delaunay3, delaunayn, voronoi, and voronoin.


QR factorization updating library ( QRUPDATE is used to provide improved performance for the functions qrdelete, qrinsert, qrshift, and qrupdate.


Source code highlighter and manipulator; a Qt port of Scintilla ( QScintilla is used for syntax highlighting and code completion in the GUI.


GUI and utility libraries (). Qt is required for building the GUI. It is a large framework, but the only components required are the GUI, core, and network modules.


Sparse matrix factorization library ( SuiteSparse is required to provide sparse matrix factorizations and solution of linear equations for sparse systems.


Data compression library ( The zlib library is required for Octave’s load and save commands to handle compressed data, including MATLAB v5 MAT files.

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