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osip_header.h File Reference

oSIP osip_header definition. More...

#include <osipparser2/osip_uri.h>

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typedef osip_header osip_header_t
typedef osip_uri_param_t osip_generic_param_t


int osip_header_init (osip_header_t **header)
void osip_header_free (osip_header_t *header)
int osip_header_to_str (const osip_header_t *header, char **dest)
char * osip_header_get_name (const osip_header_t *header)
void osip_header_set_name (osip_header_t *header, char *pname)
char * osip_header_get_value (const osip_header_t *header)
void osip_header_set_value (osip_header_t *header, char *pvalue)
int osip_header_clone (const osip_header_t *header, osip_header_t **dest)

Detailed Description

oSIP osip_header definition.

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