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osip_rfc3264.h File Reference

oSIP sdp negotiation facility. More...

#include <osipparser2/osip_list.h>
#include <osipparser2/sdp_message.h>

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#define MAX_AUDIO_CODECS   100
#define MAX_VIDEO_CODECS   100
#define MAX_T38_CODECS   2
#define MAX_APP_CODECS   100


int osip_rfc3264_init (struct osip_rfc3264 **config)
void osip_rfc3264_free (struct osip_rfc3264 *config)
int osip_rfc3264_endof_media (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, int pos)
sdp_media_tosip_rfc3264_get (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, int pos)
int osip_rfc3264_remove (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, int pos)
int osip_rfc3264_reset_media (struct osip_rfc3264 *config)
int osip_rfc3264_add_audio_media (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_media_t *med, int pos)
int osip_rfc3264_del_audio_media (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, int pos)
int osip_rfc3264_add_t38_media (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_media_t *med, int pos)
int osip_rfc3264_del_t38_media (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, int pos)
int osip_rfc3264_add_video_media (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_media_t *med, int pos)
int osip_rfc3264_del_video_media (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, int pos)
sdp_media_tosip_rfc3264_find_audio (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, char *payload, char *rtpmap)
sdp_media_tosip_rfc3264_find_video (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, char *payload, char *rtpmap)
sdp_media_tosip_rfc3264_find_t38 (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, char *payload)
sdp_media_tosip_rfc3264_find_app (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, char *payload)
int osip_rfc3264_match (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, sdp_media_t *audio_tab[], sdp_media_t *video_tab[], sdp_media_t *t38_tab[], sdp_media_t *app_tab[], int pos_media)
int osip_rfc3264_match_audio (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, sdp_media_t *remote_med, sdp_media_t *audio_tab[])
int osip_rfc3264_match_video (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, sdp_media_t *remote_med, sdp_media_t *video_tab[])
int osip_rfc3264_match_t38 (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, sdp_media_t *remote_med, sdp_media_t *t38_tab[])
int osip_rfc3264_match_app (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, sdp_media_t *remote_med, sdp_media_t *app_tab[])
int osip_rfc3264_prepare_answer (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, char *local_sdp, int length)
int osip_rfc3264_complete_answer (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, sdp_message_t *local_sdp, sdp_media_t *med, int mline)
int osip_rfc3264_accept_codec (struct osip_rfc3264 *config, sdp_media_t *med, sdp_message_t *remote_sdp, sdp_message_t *local_sdp)
int __osip_rfc3264_print_codecs (struct osip_rfc3264 *config)

Detailed Description

oSIP sdp negotiation facility.

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