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GNU Personal Expenses Manager

                                          GNU Pem

                     GNU  Pem is a handy tool to help you keep track of your
                personal income and expenses. On GNU/Linux  and  other  Unix
                like systems, Pem works by storing the details in a CSV file
                placed in the ~/.pem directory under your  $HOME  directory.
                On  Windows, the same file is placed in pem directory, under
                the %USERPROFILE% directory. Each such file is  named  after
                the  current month, and is automatically created by Pem when
                you enter the first record for a month. It is not  advisable
                to edit these files by hand.

                Screen shots: one two three

                Latest release: pem-0.7.9.tar.gz

                User guide: Getting started with GNU Pem


                On GNU/Linux and other Unix like systems: just say

                     $ ./configure [--prefix=/install/directory]
                     $ make
                     # make install

                By  default,  this  should  install Pem under /usr/local/bin
                directory, assuming you have  the  right  privileges  to  do
                that.  You  may  also consider changing the prefix using the
                --prefix option,  in  case  you  don´t  have  the  necessary
                permissions. For more information please see:

                     $ ./configure --help.

                On Windows:

                    Copy  and  paste  the pem.pl file to the directory where
                you keep your other executable files, and  make  sure,  this
                directory  is  included in your %PATH% variable. That´s all,
                GNU Pem is ready to serve you. :)

                For usage information about pem, on GNU/Linux et al., try

                     $ pem --help
                     $ man pem
                     $ info pem

                On Windows try

                     C:\> pem.pl --help

                Also, use the pem.txt file to explore what Pem can  do,  and
                how it does that.


                     Please send any suggestions/comments or bug reports you
                may have, to the pem mailing list. They are most welcome and

                Thank you!

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