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E.1 How to get idraw

The idraw utility mentioned several times in this documentation is a freely distributable interactive drawing editor for the X Window System. It can display and edit the output of any application that uses the Postscript Plotter support contained in GNU libplot. That includes graph -T ps, plot -T ps, pic2plot -T ps, tek2plot -T ps, and plotfont -T ps.

The current version of idraw is maintained by Vectaport, Inc., and is available at their Web site. It is part of the ivtools package, which is a framework for building custom drawing editors. idraw was originally part of the InterViews package, developed by Stanford University and Silicon Graphics. The InterViews package is available at a distribution site, but is no longer supported. Retrieving the ivtools package instead is recommended.

Also available at Vectaport's Web site is an enhanced version of idraw called drawtool. drawtool can import additional graphics in TIFF and PBM/PGM/PPM formats, besides the X11 bitmaps that idraw can import.