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9 Scripts

Replace user_agent with another HTTP header, such as Cookie:

     proxyknife -g 'Cookie: var=value; var2=someting'

Create proxylist on-the-fly. In this example proxyknife scans free proxies with ip ranging from to, the checked port is 3128:

     $ for ((i=1;i<255;i++));do echo 127.0.0.$i:3128@HTTP;done|proxyknife -i -

With the customized request, you can do more things.

SSH scan:

     echo ""|proxyknife -i- -I0 -H0 -C ssh.req -k mismatch

Do the same scan via the free proxy

     echo ""|proxyknife -i- -I0 -H1 -C ssh.req -c -k mismatch