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1 Introduction

gnu Proxyknife is a customizable multithread proxy hunter. Tt can help users behind strict firewall find suitable free proxies.

gnu Proxyknife reads proxylist1 from the file, stdin or the web, then validates the free proxies and prints the good ones. Time intervals and the others which are userful to estimate the speed or capability of every proxy are also printed. The whole processing can be customized by the user, which is different from the other hunters.

In url mode, Proxyknife can read a large number of proxies on machines with little memory. Tt works on GNU/Linux, SunOS, OSF1 or more.

As a proxy hunter, Proxyknife can validate all kinds of proxies with different methods: HTTP proxy with GET or CONNECT method, SOCKS5 proxy with CONNECT command, SOCKS4 proxy with CONNECT command. As a customizable extension, it can check proxies for special purpose, such as finding tunnels for MSN chatting.

Proxyknife can check proxies via a tunnel. The tunnel can be SOCKS4 proxy, SOCKS5 proxy or HTTP proxy, with or without authentication for the latter two. The route from the local machine that proxyknife runs on to checksite is:

     proxyknife -------- (myproxy) ------ testproxy ----- checksite

Here myproxy is the tunnel, testproxy is the free proxy being checked and checksite is the site used to validate free proxies.

Proxyknife have many features. Please see the file FEATURELIST included in this package for details.


[1] The list of free proxies.