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7 Startup File

Every Startup Option (see Startup Options) can be added to startup file using the `keyword' listed after it on that section (see Startup Options).

For instance, you can replace `-t 20' with the setting:


Then you can remove `-t 20' from the command line.

The syntax of startup file:

  1. The data is in the form of `keyword=value', start from the beginning of that line.
  2. Write `keyword=value' in a single line.
  3. All characters will be parsed except <LF>. Please do not add redundant whitespace or quotation mark, they will be read as part of `keyword=value' pair. But it is permitted to use whitespace or quotation mark in `value' if it is really needful:
              user_agent=User-Agent: MSIE 6.0
  4. Comment line begin with `#'. Certainly, the line begins with string different from anyone of the startup keywords (see Startup Options) will be identified as comment line or ignored.

If you invoke proxyknife with a startup option (see Startup Options), the setting relation to it in startup file will be overridden.

By default, proxyknife will search the startup file in this order until one of them is found:

  1. ./proxyknife.conf
  2. $HOME/.proxyknife.conf
  3. $prefix/etc/proxyknife.conf
You can invoke proxyknife with `-f startup file' (see Startup Options) to override that:
     proxyknife -f /tmp/mystartup.txt