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20 Bugs

Occasionally you may encounter a bug in PSPP.

20.1 When to report bugs

If you discover a bug, please first:

20.2 How to report bugs

The best way to send a bug report is using the web page at Alternatively, bug reports may be sent by email to

In your bug report please include:

The following is an example of a useful bug report:

When I run PSPP 0.8.4 on the system:
"Linux knut 3.5.3-gnu #1 PREEMPT Tue Aug 28 10:49:41 UTC 2012 mips64 GNU/Linux"
Executing the following syntax:

 1 2 3

results in:


I think the output should be:


Here, the developers have the necessary information to reproduce the circumstances of the bug report, and they understand what the reporter expected.

Conversely, the following is a useless bug report:

I downloaded the latest version of PSPP and entered a sequence of numbers, 
but when I analyse them it gives the wrong output.

In that example, it is impossible to reproduce, and there is no indication of why the reporter thought what he saw was wrong.

Note that the purpose of bug reports is to help improve the quality of PSPP for the benefit of all users. It is not a consultancy or support service. If that is what you want, you are welcome to make private arrangements. Since PSPP is free software, consultants have access to the information they need to provide such support. The PSPP developers appreciate all users’ feedback, but cannot promise an immediate response.

Please do not use the bug reporting address for general enquiries or to seek help in using, installing or running the program. For that, use the pspp-users mailing list mentioned above.

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