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  1. DATA LIST TABLE /NAME 1-10 (A) INFO1 TO INFO3 12-17 (1).
    John Smith 102311
    Bob Arnold 122015
    Bill Yates  918 6
    Defines the following variables:

    The BEGIN DATA/END DATA commands cause three cases to be defined:

    Case   NAME         INFO1   INFO2   INFO3
       1   John Smith     10      23      11
       2   Bob Arnold     12      20      15
       3   Bill Yates      9      18       6

    The TABLE keyword causes PSPP to print out a table describing the four variables defined.

  2. DAT LIS FIL="survey.dat"
            /ID 1-5 NAME 7-36 (A) SURNAME 38-67 (A) MINITIAL 69 (A)
            /Q01 TO Q50 7-56
    Defines the following variables:

    Cases are separated by a blank record.

    Data is read from file survey.dat in the current directory.

    This example shows keywords abbreviated to their first 3 letters.

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