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         ATTRIBUTE=name(’value’) [name(’value’)]…
         ATTRIBUTE=name[index](’value’) [name[index](’value’)]…
         DELETE=name [name]…
         DELETE=name[index] [name[index]]…

DATAFILE ATTRIBUTE adds, modifies, or removes user-defined attributes associated with the active dataset. Custom data file attributes are not interpreted by PSPP, but they are saved as part of system files and may be used by other software that reads them.

Use the ATTRIBUTE subcommand to add or modify a custom data file attribute. Specify the name of the attribute as an identifier (see Tokens), followed by the desired value, in parentheses, as a quoted string. Attribute names that begin with $ are reserved for PSPP’s internal use, and attribute names that begin with @ or $@ are not displayed by most PSPP commands that display other attributes. Other attribute names are not treated specially.

Attributes may also be organized into arrays. To assign to an array element, add an integer array index enclosed in square brackets ([ and ]) between the attribute name and value. Array indexes start at 1, not 0. An attribute array that has a single element (number 1) is not distinguished from a non-array attribute.

Use the DELETE subcommand to delete an attribute. Specify an attribute name by itself to delete an entire attribute, including all array elements for attribute arrays. Specify an attribute name followed by an array index in square brackets to delete a single element of an attribute array. In the latter case, all the array elements numbered higher than the deleted element are shifted down, filling the vacated position.

To associate custom attributes with particular variables, instead of with the entire active dataset, use VARIABLE ATTRIBUTE (see VARIABLE ATTRIBUTE) instead.

DATAFILE ATTRIBUTE takes effect immediately. It is not affected by conditional and looping structures such as DO IF or LOOP.

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