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7.7.2 Miscellaneous Mathematical Functions

Miscellaneous mathematical functions take numeric arguments and produce numeric results.

Function: ABS (number)

Results in the absolute value of number.

Function: MOD (numerator, denominator)

Returns the remainder (modulus) of numerator divided by denominator. If numerator is 0, then the result is 0, even if denominator is missing. If denominator is 0, the result is system-missing.

Function: MOD10 (number)

Returns the remainder when number is divided by 10. If number is negative, MOD10(number) is negative or zero.

Function: RND (number)

Takes the absolute value of number and rounds it to an integer. Then, if number was negative originally, negates the result.

Function: TRUNC (number)

Discards the fractional part of number; that is, rounds number towards zero.