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7 Function Index

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Index Entry  Section

*: Formatted Data Input and Output
*: Formatted Data Input and Output
*: Internationalisation
*fmt_create: Numeric Formatting Styles
*fmt_dollar_template: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
*fmt_to_string: Format Utility Functions

alignment: Variable GUI Attributes
alignment_is_valid: Variable GUI Attributes

char: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
char: Obtaining Properties of Format Types

data_in: Formatted Data Input and Output
dict_add_document_line: Dictionary Documents
dict_class_from_id: Dictionary Class
dict_class_to_name: Dictionary Class
dict_clear_documents: Dictionary Documents
dict_clone_var: Dictionary Creating Variables
dict_clone_var_as: Dictionary Creating Variables
dict_clone_var_assert: Dictionary Creating Variables
dict_clone_var_as_assert: Dictionary Creating Variables
dict_contains_var: Dictionary Variable Access
dict_create_var: Dictionary Creating Variables
dict_create_var_assert: Dictionary Creating Variables
dict_delete_consecutive_vars: Dictionary Deleting Variables
dict_delete_scratch_vars: Dictionary Deleting Variables
dict_delete_var: Dictionary Deleting Variables
dict_delete_vars: Dictionary Deleting Variables
dict_get_case_limit: Dictionary Case Limit
dict_get_case_weight: Dictionary Weight Variable
dict_get_documents: Dictionary Documents
dict_get_document_line: Dictionary Documents
dict_get_document_line_cnt: Dictionary Documents
dict_get_filter: Dictionary Filter Variable
dict_get_label: Dictionary File Label
dict_get_split_cnt: Dictionary Split Variables
dict_get_split_vars: Dictionary Split Variables
dict_get_var: Dictionary Variable Access
dict_get_vars: Dictionary Variable Access
dict_get_vars_mutable: Dictionary Variable Access
dict_get_var_cnt: Dictionary Variable Access
dict_get_weight: Dictionary Weight Variable
dict_lookup_var: Dictionary Variable Access
dict_lookup_var_assert: Dictionary Variable Access
dict_rename_var: Dictionary Renaming Variables
dict_rename_vars: Dictionary Renaming Variables
dict_reorder_var: Dictionary Reordering Variables
dict_reorder_vars: Dictionary Reordering Variables
dict_set_case_limit: Dictionary Case Limit
dict_set_documents: Dictionary Documents
dict_set_filter: Dictionary Filter Variable
dict_set_label: Dictionary File Label
dict_set_split_vars: Dictionary Split Variables
dict_set_weight: Dictionary Weight Variable
dict_unset_split_var: Dictionary Split Variables
DOC_LINE_LENGTH: Dictionary Documents

fmt_affix_width: Numeric Formatting Styles
fmt_category: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_check: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_check_input: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_check_output: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_check_type_compat: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_check_width_compat: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_default_for_width: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_done: Numeric Formatting Styles
fmt_equal: Format Utility Functions
fmt_for_input: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_for_output: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_for_output_from_input: Constructing and Verifying Formats
fmt_from_io: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_from_name: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_get_style: Numeric Formatting Styles
fmt_is_numeric: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_is_string: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_max_input_decimals: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_max_input_width: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_max_output_decimals: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_max_output_width: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_min_input_width: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_min_output_width: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_name: Numeric Formatting Styles
fmt_neg_affix_width: Numeric Formatting Styles
fmt_number_style_destroy: Numeric Formatting Styles
fmt_number_style_init: Numeric Formatting Styles
fmt_resize: Format Utility Functions
fmt_step_width: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_takes_decimals: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_to_io: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_type: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_usable_for_input: Obtaining Properties of Format Types
fmt_var_width: Format Utility Functions

HIGHEST: Numeric Values

ID_MAX_LEN: Variable Name

LOWEST: Numeric Values

measure: Variable GUI Attributes
measure_is_valid: Variable GUI Attributes
mv_add_num: Modifying User-Missing Value Sets
mv_add_range: Modifying User-Missing Value Sets
mv_add_str: Modifying User-Missing Value Sets
mv_add_value: Modifying User-Missing Value Sets
mv_clear: Creating and Destroying User-Missing Values
mv_copy: Creating and Destroying User-Missing Values
mv_destroy: Creating and Destroying User-Missing Values
mv_get_range: Inspecting User-Missing Value Sets
mv_get_value: Inspecting User-Missing Value Sets
mv_get_width: Inspecting User-Missing Value Sets
mv_has_range: Inspecting User-Missing Value Sets
mv_has_value: Inspecting User-Missing Value Sets
mv_init: Creating and Destroying User-Missing Values
mv_is_acceptable: Modifying User-Missing Value Sets
mv_is_empty: Inspecting User-Missing Value Sets
mv_is_num_missing: Testing for Missing Values
mv_is_resizable: Changing User-Missing Value Set Width
mv_is_str_missing: Testing for Missing Values
mv_is_value_missing: Testing for Missing Values
MV_MAX_STRING: User-Missing Values
mv_n_values: Inspecting User-Missing Value Sets
mv_pop_range: Modifying User-Missing Value Sets
mv_pop_value: Modifying User-Missing Value Sets
mv_replace_value: Modifying User-Missing Value Sets
mv_resize: Changing User-Missing Value Set Width

SHORT_NAME_LEN: Variable Short Names
SYSMIS: Numeric Values

value_compare_3way: Runtime Typed Values
value_copy: Runtime Typed Values
value_destroy: Runtime Typed Values
value_equal: Runtime Typed Values
value_hash: Runtime Typed Values
value_init: Runtime Typed Values
value_is_resizable: Runtime Typed Values
value_needs_init: Runtime Typed Values
value_num: Runtime Typed Values
value_resize: Runtime Typed Values
value_set_missing: Runtime Typed Values
value_str: Runtime Typed Values
value_str_rw: Runtime Typed Values
val_labs_add: Value Labels Adding and Removing Labels
val_labs_can_set_width: Value Labels Properties
val_labs_clear: Value Labels Creation and Destruction
val_labs_clone: Value Labels Creation and Destruction
val_labs_count: Value Labels Properties
val_labs_create: Value Labels Creation and Destruction
val_labs_destroy: Value Labels Creation and Destruction
val_labs_find: Value Labels
val_labs_first: Value Labels Iteration
val_labs_next: Value Labels Iteration
val_labs_remove: Value Labels Adding and Removing Labels
val_labs_replace: Value Labels Adding and Removing Labels
val_labs_set_width: Value Labels Properties
val_labs_sorted: Value Labels Iteration
val_lab_get_label: Value Labels Iteration
val_lab_get_value: Value Labels Iteration
val_type_from_width: Values
val_type_is_valid: Values
var_add_value_label: Variable Value Labels
var_append_value_name: Variable Value Labels
var_attach_aux: Variable Auxiliary Data
var_clear_aux: Variable Auxiliary Data
var_clear_label: Variable Labels
var_clear_missing_values: Variable Missing Values
var_clear_short_name: Variable Short Names
var_clear_value_labels: Variable Value Labels
var_clone: Variable Creation and Destruction
var_create: Variable Creation and Destruction
var_default_display_width: Variable GUI Attributes
var_destroy: Variable Creation and Destruction
var_detach_aux: Variable Auxiliary Data
var_get_aux: Variable Auxiliary Data
var_get_case_index: Variable Relationships
var_get_dict_class: Variable Name
var_get_dict_index: Variable Relationships
var_get_display_width: Variable GUI Attributes
var_get_label: Variable Labels
var_get_leave: Variable Leave Status
var_get_missing_values: Variable Missing Values
var_get_name: Variable Name
var_get_obs_vals: Variable Categorical Values
var_get_print_format: Variable Print and Write Formats
var_get_short_name: Variable Short Names
var_get_type: Variable Type and Width
var_get_value_labels: Variable Value Labels
var_get_width: Variable Type and Width
var_get_write_format: Variable Print and Write Formats
var_has_label: Variable Labels
var_has_missing_values: Variable Missing Values
var_has_obs_vals: Variable Categorical Values
var_has_value_labels: Variable Value Labels
var_is_alpha: Variable Type and Width
var_is_numeric: Variable Type and Width
var_is_num_missing: Variable Missing Values
var_is_str_missing: Variable Missing Values
var_is_value_missing: Variable Missing Values
var_lookup_value_label: Variable Value Labels
var_must_leave: Variable Leave Status
var_replace_value_label: Variable Value Labels
var_set_alignment: Variable GUI Attributes
var_set_both_formats: Variable Print and Write Formats
var_set_display_width: Variable GUI Attributes
var_set_label: Variable Labels
var_set_leave: Variable Leave Status
var_set_measure: Variable GUI Attributes
var_set_missing_values: Variable Missing Values
var_set_name: Variable Name
var_set_obs_vals: Variable Categorical Values
var_set_print_format: Variable Print and Write Formats
var_set_short_name: Variable Short Names
var_set_value_labels: Variable Value Labels
var_set_width: Variable Type and Width
var_set_write_format: Variable Print and Write Formats
var_to_string: Variable Labels
void: Variable Auxiliary Data

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