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B.8 Long Variable Names Record

If present, the long variable names record has the following format:

     /* Header. */
     int32               rec_type;
     int32               subtype;
     int32               size;
     int32               count;
     /* Exactly count bytes of data. */
     char                var_name_pairs[];
int32 rec_type;
Record type. Always set to 7.
int32 subtype;
Record subtype. Always set to 13.
int32 size;
The size of each element in the var_name_pairs member. Always set to 1.
int32 count;
The total number of bytes in var_name_pairs.
char var_name_pairs[];
A list of keyvalue tuples, where key is the name of a variable, and value is its long variable name. The key field is at most 8 bytes long and must match the name of a variable which appears in the variable record (see Variable Record). The value field is at most 64 bytes long. The key and value fields are separated by a `=' byte. Each tuple is separated by a byte whose value is 09. There is no trailing separator following the last tuple. The total length is count bytes.