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B.10 Miscellaneous Informational Records

Some specific types of miscellaneous informational records are documented here, but others are known to exist. PSPP ignores unknown miscellaneous informational records when reading system files.

     /* Header. */
     int32               rec_type;
     int32               subtype;
     int32               size;
     int32               count;
     /* Exactly size * count bytes of data. */
     char                data[];
int32 rec_type;
Record type. Always set to 7.
int32 subtype;
Record subtype. May take any value. According to Aapi Hämäläinen, value 5 indicates a set of grouped variables and 6 indicates date info (probably related to USE).
int32 size;
Size of each piece of data in the data part. Should have the value 1, 4, or 8, for char, int32, and flt64 format data, respectively.
int32 count;
Number of pieces of data in the data part.
char data[];
Arbitrary data. There must be size times count bytes of data.